AUGUST 18th 2019
Young Women and Moms




2 two hour classes designed especially for women and kids to enhance their
personal protection abilities through maximizing their physical and mental abilities.

Built around the philosophy of the Samurai Code -EXPECT NOTHING, BE
PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING - Skills and techniques are taught not from a
place of fear, but from a place that builds self esteem and confidence.

Each hour of each class will build upon the last, helping to create a solid
foundation of skills. This is an interactive class that includes practical application as well as lecture materials.


Topics to include:
• Situational Awareness & Mind Set • Striking & Escapes

• Strategies for Single & Multiple Opponents • Improvised Weapons

The number of participants is capped at 30 per class.

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Individual $65
Mom & Daughter Package $75

Email David at for more information.

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