I showed up opening day at Barre Rev to start the new year off right!! I had read about the benefits of barre exercises, and I knew with a bit of dedication I would be able to strengthen my core and regain the strength I had gone years without (following a knee injury a few years back). 

The community here at Barre Rev was the most welcoming and non judgmental.  I never felt out of place when I couldn't keep up with a particular exercise.  The other aspect of barre class that I really appreciated was that each muscle group is targeted in every class.  As the weeks have progressed I could feel and see my muscles coming back to life.  I also noticed the dull ache in my knee was becoming almost completely unnoticeable.

Now, over 2 month and 50 classes, I rarely feel my knee ache.  I can keep up with my kid when running outside, and my overall body strength is better than it was pre-injury.  Exercises I always neglected in the past (like ab work) have become exercises I look forward to.  I cannot say enough positive things about the benefits I have gained at Barre Rev.  It has become a highlight of each day to show up and work out with these amazing people and know I am building strength both physically and mentally.  

Thank you, Kaelyn, for the joy you infuse into the studio and creating this amazing community.



I think it is really amazing that you reach out to each individual client after they take their first class. It is really impressive and matches the overall feeling that I get from your studio.


As a new client you (Kaelyn) made me feel very welcome.  It is always a bit intimidating being the new person that doesn’t know where anything is or how it all works, but everyone has been so nice, patient and friendly.

The studio is Super Clean and that is very important to me and very much appreciated.

It feels like a home-town studio and I mean that in the nicest way.  Having childcare, letting me bring Colette (my dog) to sit inside the lobby during class, knowing everyone’s names, complimentary gluten free cookies...everything is so nice.


I have taken from a range of instructors and everyone is very knowledgeable and challenging in their own ways. There’s not been a class yet that I would sear away from in the future.


I am really glad my friend got me to come in. I feel like my body was really needing another element to compliment what I am already getting.  I am really enjoying the classes, telling my friends and plan to incorporate your classes into what I am doing otherwise as an ongoing thing.


Thank you again! 



I had a terrific Class yesterday morning with Stevie.  The warm welcome to me by staff members made the experience such a fun morning.  That my first day went well meant everything to me.



My first experience from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left was wonderful. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I knew when Diana gave us (me and my daughter Maya) a quick tour before class and said Maya, “Do you want to see where you’re mommy is going to be?” that I had found a really special place. It warmed my heart to see someone being so sweet and empathetic to her.

Brittany was like a ray of sunshine and I had no hesitation leaving my sweet little girl with her. Y’all have created a super inviting, friendly, and beautiful space with a great community that seems to just know what we all need.


And the clocks on the wall of the barre room!! Amazing! I felt like Stevie knew what to say and when to say it.   When I looked at the wall of clocks to see what time it was, I just smiled at the hard truth I needed to be reminded of... this is MY TIME!! Amazing. So happy I came in and hope to see a lot more of you all!


Thank YOU!



After having my son 10 months ago, its been a tough road trying to get back to a routine.  Barre Rev offers childcare during the day which has given me the outlet to make it to classes during the day.  The gals that run childcare treat my son like their own which is such a wonderful feeling while I am inside the studio.  The instructors at Barre Rev have been an absolute delight helping me regain and build new strength, which I believe all stems from the owner, Kaelyn.  Kaelyn has been amazing since I first walked into the studio, personal, attentive, and compassionate for all that are part of the Barre Rev community. She is the epitome of a Studio Owner and Mercer Island is very lucky to have her.


As an avid runner and cyclist for years, I've always loved to work out but have not loved to stretch or weight train.  I knew this was not a good long term strategy but just couldn't find a complimentary workout that I enjoyed and felt produced results.  


Well, this finally caught up with me when I found that I was stiff and sore more often than not...I tried pilates and yoga but just couldn't get my head into either, at least to do on a regular basis.  I had tried barre before, and liked it, but hadn't found a studio with the variety and convenience of numerous classes until I found BarreRev.  


After a complimentary session, I immediately signed up for an unlimited monthly membership before they even officially opened and decided that I would really give this a try.  I committed myself to 3-4 workouts each week and began to lose soreness and stiffness very soon after, while feeling that I was getting stronger all over. I continued with running and cycling simultaneously, so I knew this change wasn't due to just replacing another workout. It's made both my running and cycling stronger, and no longer feel stiff or sore afterwards!


I love the flow and cadence of BarreRev classes, and that each strength building move is always paired with an appropriate stretch.  Kaelyn and her team of instructors are fabulous and ready to help with correct posture, execution, and alternatives for your individual body type and ability.  No shame!


The music and rhythm of the workout make it enjoyable, and while you're working hard, it kind of takes you to a zen place...I've brought many friends who have been equally impressed!


Thank you Kaelyn and team for doing what you do!



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