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Hannah Van Wie
Jen Liang

Hannah is a lover of barre and almost all exercise. She moved to Seattle from New York in 2016, after graduating from college at Syracuse University. In addition to working at Barre Rev, Hannah also manages City Cycle in Greenwood and has dog walking and pet sitting business. In her free time, Hannah likes to paint, sing, play the guitar, and hang out with her cat, Berry. Hannah is excited to become part of the Barre Rev community and looks forward to seeing you at the desk and in class.

Jen has been a resident of Washington for four years and has recently moved to Mercer Island with her 3 little girls ages 6, 8 and 10. She is a Florida native however lived in several different states while growing her family including Maryland, California, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas. She has a degree in psychology and a Masters degree in occupational therapy.  Jen previously worked as an occupational therapist in hospitals and rehabilitation centers all over the country until she took 9 years off while raising her daughters. She also has a background in ballet, yoga and pilates and is certified to teach yoga through Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher training program. Jen recently returned to the work force however decided to make a big career change by enrolling in a holistic skin care esthetics program. While Jen completes her master in esthetics training she is excited to work with the team at Barre Rev.

Jill Paulson

Jill is a longtime barre enthusiast and was thrilled to find The Dailey Method when she first moved to Mercer Island in 2015.  Barre Rev brings her joy; she values the strong community vibe, the top-notch instructors and the fact that the classes never seem to get easier.  

While she has lived many places (Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Vancouver), she's happy to now call Mercer Island home.  Jill lives on the south end of the island with her husband, their two young children, and a cockapoo named Chicken.  

When she's not at Barre Rev or parenting, Jill enjoys volunteering at the Mercer Island Thrift Shop, watching reality television and going to bed by 9pm.  

Vicki Wu

Vicki is originally from New York and moved to Seattle 8 years ago. She recently completed her MBA at the University of Washington and is now working as an engineering manager. She is now looking to focus more on her health and well being and has been trying out various fitness classes and fell in love with barre. She is so excited to join the Barre Rev family. She also enjoys snowboarding and spending time with her husband.

Alissa Zience

Alissa grew up in Virginia, where she developed a love for exercise early, as a member of both her college's rugby and cheer leading teams. She moved to Seattle about seven years ago and fell in love with barre. She's tried nearly every studio in the greater Seattle area but fell in love with the family atmosphere combined with great workouts that she found at Barre Rev.  Alissa has been helping with front desk since the day the studio opened in January 2019 and loves being party of the Barre Rev Family!

Carla Munger

Carla is a PNW native.  She spent time in California and Colorado during college and early career, and finally settled in Mercer Island 10 years ago with her husband.  Ater growing up in ballet classes, barre was a natural fit.  When she discovered barre fitness 5 years ago, she was immediately hooked.  She loves the strength and flexibility, and the mind-body connection she finds in each class. In her day job, Carla supports women as a licensed mental health counselor, and owner of Eastside Women's Counseling in Bellevue.

Child Care


Brittany moved to the island April 2018 with her husband and began attending Barre Rev shortly after they opened when she saw they were looking for someone to help with childcare. Brittany enjoys every class she has been to and it has been a great addition to her half marathon training.

Brittany has been working with kids since she was old enough to do so. From having a younger brother, babysitting/nannying, to working at a children’s boutique and many summer camps, to eventually graduating with a Masters degree in Family Studies. Brittany enjoys watching kids grow and learn. She worked as a social worker for two years and is now at MIYFS. I am constantly amazed by children’s abilities and resiliency. 

A Note from Brittany:

Thanks for letting me hang out with your littles on Friday mornings!

Massage Therapy

Bonnie McCaffrey
Massage Therapist

Bonnie has been practicing massage and bodywork for over 18 years. 

She brings with her a passion for assisting others to find rejuvenation and renewal amist the daily stresses of life, as well as relief from pain and dysfunction. 

She believes that consistent, regular bodywork plays a key role in maintaining health and function so that clients can enjoy life and pursue their passions without limitations.


Her unique blend of deeply physical Myofascial and Neuromuscular techniques combined with more gentle, intuitive modalities such as Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation create an effective, powerful massage experience.


Through her many years of experience and education, she has also found that trauma held in the tissue is often at cause in chronic pain and dysfunction. Simple techniques, such as SomatoEmotional Release can relieve long-held patterns of dysfunction in an amazingly short time.


Bonnie enjoys being outdoors and moving whenever possible and can often be found on a trail exploring the beauty of our Pacific Northwest mountains. She also adores cooking and discovering new culinary experiences. 


Her sense of play and adventure is infectious and she looks forward to a new adventure here at Barre Rev in the studio revving it up with you all, and in the massage room advocating for your body's well being!

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Rose Curtis
Massage Therapist

Rose Curtis is from Seattle, WA, and has been studying movement forms for the last decade. She graduated from Seattle Pacific with a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology.


Her background includes sports, competitive dancing, teaching dance classes, and for the last few years she has worked as a corrective exercise specialist and massage therapist. 


With experience working in injury rehabilitation, she constantly seeks to help people with acute and chronic injuries, and in educating clients on injury prevention, teaching exercises focused on increasing strength, mobility, or stability. She is also certified in kinesiotaping and is a certified Yoga teacher.


Rose offers a variety of modalities such as Swedish relaxation massage, invigorating and fast-paced sports massage, injury treatment, and myofascial techniques. Her massage style typically combines at least several of these techniques, creating an interactive experience that involves the healing properties of human movement—allowing her to work deeper, assisting in decreasing facial adhesion, and increasing joint and muscular range of motion.


As a massage therapist and corrective exercise specialist, and creator of Rose Curtis Movement Therapy, she has worked locally and abroad at events, including productions by the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Swim Across America fundraiser, and with many dancers and movement professionals throughout parts of the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, India, and Brazil. Dance, travel, the outdoors, and the study of human movement are her greatest passions. She is so excited to be a part of the Barre Rev community!


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