Barre Rev’s most traditional barre class. This class is compartmentalized so that each muscle group has its own specific focus to allow for deeper engagement. Movement in this class is smaller and slower to not distract from the contraction of each muscle. This slower pace helps the client to engage each muscle and hold to create strength and stability in the body.



Barre Rev’s signature barre class focusing on alignment and postural strength, using hand weights and the barre throughout class and combining upper and lower body to tone the entire body. Boosts metabolism and builds lean muscle mass while you increase your flexibility and sculpt the body. 


Barre Rev's cardio barre class combining basic barre movements with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to strengthen and tone while increasing your metabolism. Lifting and lowering the heart rate throughout class to both sculpt the muscles and strengthen the heart.



Barre Rev's class that primarily focuses on core strength including the spine. This class blends barre, with yoga and pilates to get an overall body workout targeting the center of the body.  You will get the the entire Core + more!



Barre Rev's Sculpt or Foundation class condensed into 45 min. Perfect way to start or end your day or for your lunch break or if you only have 45 min to fit in your workout.  Due to the shorter class you will find quicker pace throughout this class in order to fit in all of the exercises.

Function & Motion

This class aims at correcting the postural challenges that are at the root of your discomfort through a series of movements which will help to bring your muscles and tendons back to their proper alignment. The Egoscue Method focuses on posture and balance to alleviate chronic pain attributed to our modern lifestyle repetitive use, commuting, typing, texting, sports injuries, accidents, aging, and more.

Yoga for Teens

This class focuses on bringing yoga to teens to help them increase flexibility, gain better balance and stability, gain muscular strength, increase body awareness, and help them with overall health and wellness. Our goal is to help teens feel more comfortable in their own skin and to gain more confidence, through their yoga practice. For kids who participate in athletics, we help by complimenting their physical training. For kids who aren't involved in sports, yoga is a great opportunity for them to get their bodies moving and feel strong, healthy, and flexible. A big focus for this teen yoga class is to also help kids manage stress and learn techniques to help reduce it, and self-soothe. Teens are often extremely stressed and taxed by their schedules but this hour offers them a chance to feel strong, balanced, and relaxed.

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