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Kaelyn Adams, Owner, is excited to be taking over the studio space from The Dailey Method and creating Barre Rev.

Why not keep the studio branded as The Dailey Method (a question Kaelyn has been asked a lot)? Simply put, Kaelyn wants to be able to incorporate more types of movement into her barre classes. Her goal is to focus on alignment and safety, first and foremost, but bring in more creativity and allow the instructors to bring more originality and choreography through their individual personalities. With 5 separate formats there is something for everyone! We hope you join the Barre Rev family and Rev It Up!



Kaelyn Adams, owner

Kaelyn is a Licensed Massage Therapist (since 2006) and has a Master's Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology (since 2013). She is very passionate about health and fitness - both physically and mentally - and enjoys helping others achieve their goals.

After graduating from University of Washington in 2003, Kaelyn took time to travel and lived in Italy, Australia, Arizona, and Colorado before moving back to Seattle in 2010. While living in Arizona Kaelyn became very active in distance running and triathlons and realized she wanted to focus on helping others achieve their goals so shortly after moving back to Seattle she joined the Crohn's and Colitis Foundations Half Marathon Training Program, Team Challenge, as their running coach.


While coaching Kaelyn realized  she needed to strengthen her running stabilizing muscles and turned to barre.  She found The Dailey Method and was drawn to the alignment principles specifically because of her background in massage and also because it was a deeper more challenging workout than she had experienced at any other barre studio.  Kaelyn began teaching in 2015.

Stevie Hagen

Stevie Hagen grew up on Mercer Island and began dancing at the age of 2.
She pursued a dance career intensively at Pacific Northwest Ballet School and continued her training at Cornish College of the Arts, where she graduated with a BFA in dance.

Stevie is now running Creation Dance Studio, continuing the legacy of “Ballet with Deena”. In addition, Stevie is a certified Pilates instructor and teaches both private and group Pilates lessons to clients in the Mercer Island and Bellevue area.

In 2016, Stevie became a certified barre instructor for The Dailey Method and is now currently teaching at Barre Rev on Mercer Island.

Also in 2016, Stevie began teaching for NOVA Gymnastics Academy as a ballet instructor. At NOVA she teaches group ballet classes, while also privately coaching students of all ages and dance backgrounds to improve their ballet technique and strength.

Julie Mock

Julie started going to The Dailey Method the very first day it opened on Mercer Island. She had been doing various barre classes around town and was so happy to see The Dailey Method open up so close to home. At first, she thought the convenience of having a barre studio on the island was what she was so happy about. It didn't take her very long to realize that the convenience of the studio's location wasn't the only thing she was excited about. She found that The Dailey Method was leaps and bounds ahead of some of the other barre classes she had taken. She quickly recognized that The Dailey Method took the time to focus on proper alignment and engagement, resulting in better posture and movement while protecting her from injury. She also realized and loved the fact that every exercise had been designed to work my muscles efficiently and safely. Let's just say she was hooked! Finding an exercise routine that you love can be very difficult...She is lucky to have found it at The Dailey Method. Julie then became an instructor for The Dailey Method and has loved the transition from student to teacher.  She is excited to be part of the opening of Barre Rev and has been an asset to the owner helping with class formatting, music and training.  Keeping the alignment principles of The Dailey Method and expanding them to create more intensity.

Sharing her love and passion for ballet and Pilates brings Stevie immense joy, and assuring that every student leaves feeling accomplished, challenged, and encouraged, is her top priority.

A husband and 2 babies later, Kaelyn expanded her knowledge of fitness and the body and got her spinning certification in 2015 and her RYT® 200 certification early 2018. The events following her RYT® lead her to taking over the studio space from The Dailey Method and creating Barre Rev.


Jennifer Henry

Jenn is a Mercer Islander who wanted to find a way to get together with friends while having fun and getting healthy.  She teaches dance fitness because SHE LOVES IT, just once a week that she squeezes in along with being a working mom.  Jenn is a certified MixxedFit instructor and has been teaching for a couple of years.  Previously, Jenn spent a decade doing circus aerials for fun, specializing in doubles trapeze and was on America's Got Talent in 2010 - getting three yes's from the judges and made it to the Vegas round.

Erin Gardner

Erin grew up on Mercer Island and graduated from the University of Washington in 2017. She got her Masters in Teaching at UW in 2018 and now teaches second grade in the Issaquah School District. In high school she had spinal fusion surgery to correct Scoliosis and has mostly fused vertebrae with metal rods in her back. After running a few half marathons in college she wanted to find a workout that would help fix her lower back pain and that is when she started Barre! She worked a part time job at a Barre studio and has been taking classes ever since. Erin loves barre because she says it can help relieve her back pain in just one class and helps her be active at her job for the rest of the day. She has always wanted to become a fitness instructor but never felt like she found the right fit, until Barre Rev and is excited to join the team!

Lindsey Mozeika

Linsdey has been teaching Barre since 2016.  When she isn't at the studio she parenting a 1.5 year old daughter who keeps her on her toes.  She has been playing soccer all of her life and has even made it into the Women's Mexican National Team a couple of times and also played for Seattle University.  Lindsey met her husband playing soccer and they still try to find time to play together.  They also compete in ballroom dancing, which has become a passion of theirs making it part of date night.  Lindsey is so excited to be part of Barre Rev and the community!

Natalie Alfieri

Natalie was born and raised on Mercer Island. She found her love for Barre 5 years ago when her mom took her to her first Dailey Method class. Soon after, Barre became her daily exercise. She no longer dreaded her health and fitness routine and looked forward to going to Barre class and being a part of a such a positive and motivating community. She can honestly say out of all the exercise programs she has been involved in, Barre has completely changed her body and she is stronger and more toned then ever. Natalie desires to help people grow and change in all areas of life and the support from Kaelyn inspired her to take the leap and become an instructor. She is looking forward to overcoming her fears and helping others on their health and wellness journey.

Natalie is also passionate about real estate and works as a Broker with Every Door Real Estate serving the greater Seattle area. Natalie is very excited to join the Barre Rev team and the community Kaelyn has created.

Heather Feldman
Kathryn Miller

Kathryn first walked into a barre studio in 2009, when The Dailey Method opened a studio in her Berkeley, California neighborhood.  She knew only that there was a ballet barre and that you could work out in socks, but soon became addicted to the challenging workouts, supportive environment and safe and mindful approach to fitness.  With a background in figure skating and dance, Kathryn loves the way in which barre classes focus on strengthening and lenghtening muscles, maintaining flexibility, and protecting joints.  After several years in Massachusetts, where she first trained as a barre instructor, Kathryn was excited to be back on the West Coast, and back with the Dailey Method.  Kathryn loves helping students of all ages and levels discover the fun, challenge and rewards of barre.  Now with the transition to Barre Rev, Kathryn looks forward to broadening her practice and teaching with more expansive barre formats.

India Harmsen

India's natural affinity towards barre classes can be attributed to her background as a pre-professional ballet dancer. She studied at intensive programs with companies across the country, including Atlanta Ballet and Joffrey Ballet. While obtaining her Kinesiology degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she studied exercise science and biomechanics and ultimately specialized in public health. Throughout college she continued to teach children's ballet classes at a local studio to maintain a creative outlet for dance. India continued on to become a certified Orthopedic Technologist which involved clinical work and surgical assisting for a variety of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries including knee and hip replacements, ACL and achilles repairs, as well as rotator cuff and meniscus tears to name a few. She discovered barre classes as her second child went off to preschool, and since then has enjoyed its emphasis on proper body positioning and alignment during exercise. Just as she began as a child, Barre Rev has brought her back to the barre.

Elyse McKenna

Elyse started taking barre classes with TDM in her hometown Oakland, CA about 2 years ago. As an avid fitness enthusiast, it was a timely discovery after completing half marathon training that was particularly hard on her knees. Elyse has a background in health and wellness, and often encounters the newest workout craze, but barre is different. The intention and thoughtfulness behind the alignment, muscle engagement and movement really sets it apart. After taking countless classes, training and workshops, she’s excited to share her love for barre by teaching!

Melissa Valdez

Melissa is originally from Southern California. She swam competitively for San Diego State University and after graduating was on the search for a good workout. Melissa found Barre and instantly became addicted. Barre has helped her become stronger and more flexible. Melissa says “I was so lucky to find BarreRev when I moved to Washington in January 2019. At BarreRev, there is so much class variety and the teachers are all amazing!!” Melissa started working front desk the day Kaelyn opened her doors and is now transitioning to teaching. She is really excited to be able to share with you some new moves that she brings from her home studio Barre Well.

Sheryl Samuels

Sheryl is a fitness enthusiast. She started running in the early 90’s starting with 5Ks, increasing to 10ks, and finally making her way to Marathons. She got bored and turned to Triathlons with longest distance being a 1/2 iron man due to her fear of fish. Sheryl loves weights she she got her personal trainers certification in 2000. She also loves biking so she got her spinning certification also in 2000. Trying to find a way to balance out all of the cardio Sheryl turned to Barre. Sheryl says "Exercising makes me feel good I do it every day. It’s my perverbial Apple." My kids even say “ don’t bother Mommy she’s exercising." If you don't catch Sheryl teaching or taking classes at Barre Rev you will certainly run into her on the roads of MI on her bike or next door at Orange Theory.

Paige Brandon

Paige is a personal assistant who grew up on Mercer Island.  Paige loves Barre Rev because it is an  inclusive community who motivates each other.  Body image ad self confidence has always been something Paige has struggled with in the past and going to Barre Rev studio has not only improved he physical heath, but her mental heath as well.  She is now feeling her best self and continuing to embrace her curves and body every day.  Barre Rev has allowed her to achieve her goals and she is so happy to be part of the Barre Rev Family!

Libby Dohoney

Libby Dohoney is a postural alignment specialist through Egoscue University.

Libby has lived on Mercer Island since 1988 except for living in San Diego from 2004-2015 where she was introduced to the Egoscue method.  Libby became a certified postural alignment specialist in 2014. Knowing that she would be returning to the Northwest, Libby wanted to introduce this subtle yet effective form of exercise to the Seattle area.  Libby loves outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking. 

The Egoscue Method promotes "function through motion". Libby will lead a series of exercises designed to awaken the muscular skeletal system, relieving pain and restoring muscles to their proper length and tension.She is grateful to have studied the Egoscue method and is eager to share her knowledge and expertise with the Studio.

Julia Glick

Julia grew up on Mercer island and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2018. Growing up she was constantly dancing, spinning and twirling around to any music that she heard - anything that got her feet moving was a good tune. Julia played every sport you could think of growing up, but took on Tennis, volleyball and cheer in high school. Cheer provided a platform for creative expression, and surrounded her with strong incredible women, much like the Barre Rev staff. 


Julia practiced barre throughout college, and landed back at Barre Rev to take classes throughout the last the last year, when she decided to move back to Seattle. 


The blend of dance, Pilates and yoga that barre brings leaves Julia feeling energized and enthused. Julia has always aspired to be an instructor, and says that Barre Rev has made this possible for her by providing a supportive and welcoming learning environment. She is excited to join our Barre Rev staff, and looking forward to helping to inspire men and women to be their best selves day in and day out, starting at the barre. 

Jodie Thomas Pease

Heather is a mom of three children who has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. Heather combines her love of working with children with her passion for yoga to create a dynamic practice that will cultivate good health and physical and mental wellness in her young yellow yoginis! Heather and her husband, Mark, met at Northwestern University, where she studied Speech and Language Pathology and worked with many children in speech therapy. After graduating, Heather moved to New York City and worked as a children’s book editor and writer, and has written over forty children’s books.  Heather uses stories, games, and music to make the Yellow Yoga practice fun and energetic. A core focus for Heather is also working closely with child athletes who can greatly benefit from adding yoga to their physical activity and help prevent injuries to their young and growing bodies. It is Heather’s goal to have her students form a love of yoga that lasts a lifetime—so they can enjoy being flexible, happy, healthy adults! Heather received her Children’s Yoga Specialist certification with Little Friends Yoga in Seattle, Washington.

Prior to teaching, Jodie danced professionally as a soloist with Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle and Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark. During her 17-year ballet career she honed her passion for movement and musicality while dancing many leading roles, including Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, Clara in The Nutcracker, and others, including many George Balanchine ballets. She retired from the stage in 2013 after her daughter, Siena, was born and discovered her passion for teaching shortly thereafter.  Jodie brings to her classes a deep knowledge and understanding of classical ballet technique, healthy body alignment, and physicality acquired through a life spent dancing and training. In designing her classes, she also utilizes tools learned while working closely with world-class choreographers, instructors, dancers, physical therapists, and trainers. Jodie's goal is to share her love of movement with both kids and adults.

Jodie is a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 certified through Yoga Alliance, a certified Pilates Instructor, and a trained Yoga Teacher for kids. She has previously taught for Equinox Gym in Kensington, London, Barre3, and various yoga studios in the Seattle area.  

Her other loves in life include spending time with her family, her daughter's deep-belly laugh, vanilla ice cream, and a good book on a sunny beach anywhere in the world. 

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